Brasov: Medieval heritage and gateway to mountain resortsFounded by Teutonic knights at the beginning of the 13th century, until the 18th century Brasov was still predominantly inhabited by Transylvanian Saxons – a heritage that gives the city its distinctively German feel.

A walk in Brasov

Through the ring of communist blocks, at the heart of the city lies the old town, framed by the steep slopes of the surrounding valley. At its end soars the 65 meter high tower of the so called Black Church, which got its name after a devastating fire swept across the town in 1689 leaving it with soot-blackened walls. The largest Gothic church in Romania, it was built between 1385 and 1477; after several renovations the interior became mostly baroque. The large collection of Turkish carpets inside the church give an impression of just how close the connections between Transylvania and the orient have been over the centuries.