Transform Bucharest into your playground during this interactive team/group activity and discover the city in an unusual way: the Bucharest City Quest!

This is an excellent way for foreigners to get to know the city as well as for the locals to discover the hidden gems of Bucharest. The City Quest is a fun team building activity that everyone will enjoy!

Our specialists have developed the perfect quest for your team or friends. The itinerary can be tailored based on
your preferred start and end points and we can also organise a dinner, a cocktail or a party for you.

Treasure Hunt of City Tour? Both. 

The Quest is both an interactive tour and a very informative treasure hunt as our local tour guides will join you.

You will have the opportunity to see Bucharest through different eyes and get to know it from a completely new perspective.

This is an excellent team building activity for any office outing, team away day or corporate event, or an unconventional tour of Bucharest for different groups of friends or tourists.

The activity suits any group size and is fully customisable: we can tailor the itinerary, the duration of the activity as well as the tasks and challenges.bucharest city quest treasure hunt

How does it work? 

We will take you and your colleagues/friends on a city quest in the centre of Bucharest and within smaller groups you will have to complete a series of tasks.

The activity starts with the briefing and then the group will be divided in smaller teams.

You will be provided with customised maps of the chosen area of your treasure hunt. You will need to find your way to 3 meeting points throughout the 2 hours and prioritise tasks in order to complete as many of them as possible.

Wander around and solve the riddles, find the clues and explore the hidden places of our beautiful Capital!

Why is it also a tour? 

At the meeting point our guide will offer you insights about the landmarks you have just passed by and stories related to them, opening your eyes to so many things you would ordinarily just walk straight past.

City Quest Bucharest

What do I need to bring?

All you need to bring is your creativity, intuition, good sense of direction and team spirit. Also, you might not want to forget your phone. You will need it for some of the tasks.

City Quest Presentation: HERE

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