Tasting wine can be so much more than discovering new types of wine and understanding all the processes that happen until the final product is ready to be sold.

"We can't taste the wine if we don't understand wine."

Wine is not only a drink, it is something very special, alive, that changes over time. From the moment the vine had been planted there are so many important stages that can influence the way in which the wine will be in the end. Between the harvest and the fermentation, the grapes do their magic and with the touch of the specialists, the oenologists, they become the amazing liquid we all love.

Curious about this experience?Wine Tasting
There are so many possibilities:

Standard Wine Tasting - one winery

It can be included in a team building package, sightseeing package, etc. It represents the first step into the incredible world of wine.

Cultural Wine Tasting Tour - two wineries + lunch (1/2 day to 1 day)

Two wineries + lunch (1/2 day to one day tour). This tour offers a great experience as you can visit two wineries in the same area and extend your horizon further. Red wines, white wines, rosé ones, all of them are waiting to be discovered.

Cultural Wine Tasting Tour Extended - more wineries + meals (1 to 3/4 days in Dealu Mare or Oltenia areas)

This tour offers a full and intensive experience as you have the chance to compare different grape varieties from different wineries, different ways and philosophies of producing wine (each winery has its own story) and each oenologist has a certain experience and relationship with wine.

Tailored Cultural Wine Tasting Tour

This tour is for all the brave individuals and entities that want to have their own cultural tour. Depending on what you would expect from the wine tour, we can for sure find a way! Only red wine? Romanian grape varieties? Small local wineries with limited production? Grape harvest? Just let us know and we can tailor your tour to make sure you totally enjoy the experience!

"Did a weekend wine-tour with City Compass this summer for a group of friends flying in from abroad. Organisation was great: reliable, helpful and flexible. Everything went smoothly from pick up to drop off back at the airport. We had a good selection of wineries to visit each with their own interesting stories. And the ‘slow food’ private dinner on the Saturday night was a real treat. A good all round advert for coming to Romania!"
Adam Darby
Dealu Mare Wine Tasting - Private Tour