When was the last time you did something for the first time? Do you believe cooking is not for you?
We are talking about cooking but in a totally different way: reinventing the Romanian Cuisine and cooking outside the box. How is that possible?Mobile Cooking & Cooking Classes

Here are your options:

Mobile Cooking and Cooking Classes, both offering a totally different experience than the one we all know. Cooking never seemed so fulfilling and creative!

Mobile Cooking Romania is an innovative tourism product that combines sightseeing of spectacular places with tasting of the Carpathian garden’s culinary treasures.  Mobile Cooking offers thematic gourmet cooking classes and “haute cuisine” events with international experienced chefs and sommeliers at spectacular places in Romania thus delivering the perfect culinary team building for your team.

Cooking Classes in Bucharest can be fun, challenging and incredibly delicious! Cooking classes with Terra Carpatica mean New Romanian Cuisine – a combination of old (forgotten) food traditions, premium products from the Carpathian garden and a preparation with an international touch – a culinary experience far beyond your expectations about Romanian cuisine.