Looking for fun company event ideas? We can offer a special culinary event for your corporate team building. We organise indoor team building activities in Bucharest or outdoor team building activities in the vineyards, in a mansion, in a castle or in the middle of the forest. More than 20 spectacular places are available. A cooking class can be the perfect choice if you are looking for quick team building activities for your company or if you want to have an unconventional dinner out with your team. 
Slow-food 1City Compass Tours & Events organises New Romanian Cuisine Cooking Classes in Bucharest together with their partners from Terra Carpatica. The participants can discover the unspoiled culinary treasures of the Carpathian Mountains, one of Europe’s most amazing natural environments. Our cooking classes in Bucharest are always combined with wine tasting of Romanian premium wines.
How it works - Cooking ClassYou will be split in several teams and be assigned a part of the menu. After finding out the story behind the ingredients and the recipes you will start to cook under the careful guidance and instruction of Juranda and her team, who usually mingle and offer advice every step of the way. 

Cooking themes examples:
    • Treasures of the Carpathian Forest: Truffles, Mushroom, Venison & Co.
    • Melting pot Romania: Romanian, Saxonian & Hungarian cooking style
    • Classical Romanian dishes – reinvented
    • All about Romanian wine
    • and many more

Example menu:

First Plate:
Cooking Class Cabbage triangles
Cooking Class Foie gras
Cooking Class Quiche Lorraine
Cooking Class Vegetable – veal baskets
Cooking Class Bread

Main Dish:
Cooking Class Spring Flavor turkey roulade

Cooking Class Peach-Yoghurt Cake

Terra Carpatica's philosophy

Terra Carpatica LogoWe organise New Romanian Cuisine Cooking Classes in Bucharest– a combination of old (forgotten) food traditions, premium products from the Carpathian garden and a preparation with an international touch. All our cooking classes are based on the Slow Food concept. We only use fresh, seasonal Romanian products: fruit, vegetables, cheese and meat from small-scale (organic) farmers or forest fruits directly picked by us.