We know that Romanian food means inspiration, creativity and fun. We invite you to discover the unspoiled culinary treasures of the Carpathian Mountains, one of Europe’s most amazing natural environments during New Romanian Cuisine cooking classes. Our partner for the event is Terra Carpatica, a provider of unique slow food concept that promotes fresh, regional and high-quality products from the Carpathian garden.

The cooking classes are held by Juranda (co-founder of Terra Carpatica) in Bucharest as well as in selected areas outside the Capital upon availabilityJuranda is passionate about home-made, artisanal food, strictly using local ingredients from own production or surrounding orchards and forests. She combines traditional Romanian food recipes with international influences and creates a unique Romanian slow food cuisine. Some of her recipes here.

Thematic Gourmet Cooking Classes

Why choose us?

• High quality, sustainable and locally sourced ingredients
• Menus tailored to suit the preferences and dietary requirements of the group
• We can accommodate 10 – 70 people
• Every event incorporates challenging techniques
• Each attendee will take home a recipe pack
• Great idea to involve and engage all the members of your team
• Great both for Romanian and International teams
• Can be conducted in Romanian, English or French

A few theme examples:

Cooking Class Reinvented Romanian Cuisine with grapes and premium wine
Cooking Class Carpathian Cuisine
Cooking Class Reinvented Barbecue

Terra Carpatica’s philosophy

Terra Carpatica LogoWe organise New Romanian Cuisine Cooking Classes in Bucharest– a combination of old (forgotten) food traditions, premium products from the Carpathian garden and a preparation with an international touch. All our cooking classes are based on the Slow Food concept. We only use fresh, seasonal Romanian products: fruit, vegetables, cheese and meat from small-scale (organic) farmers or forest fruits directly picked by us.


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